Fruit is not a Pudding

Welcome to Fruit is not a Pudding.

This is a project for anyone with a gluten free diet who has been served one too many fruit salads when it comes to the dessert course. We have nothing against fruit per se, in fact we’re quite partial to the odd banana or the occasional cheeky kiwi; but we expect more from our desserts- fruit alone does not a pudding make!

This is a collection of our naturally gluten free pudding creations. No funny flours or strange ingredients here! We hope you find some gluten free inspiration. We also curate a collection of gluten free pudding recipes over on Pinterest.

Don’t forget, if a restaurant serves you fruit for pudding, they are a Sad Banana and should be named and shamed using ‘#fruitisnotapudding’!


Barely Bad Butterscotch

Photo 07-06-2013 18 07 34

Bellini Blinis

Photo 25-07-2013 15 22 47

Caramelised Figs with Honeycomb Yogurt


Cherry Cola Jellies


Chocolate Pear Pots


Cup of Tea Lime Pie

Photo 27-05-2013 16 08 26

Easy Mango Fool


Eggs & Spoons

Photo 26-06-2013 18 55 22

Glasto Mud Pie


Hokey Pokey Knickerbocker Glory

Photo 16-06-2013 15 56 47

Indulgent Chocolate Praline Torte


Lovely Limoncello Syllabub


Magic Jaffa Souffles


Mango Sticky Rice Rolls


Melting Chocolate Chinese Dumplings

Panela Pavlova with Roasted Figs & Strawberries

Panela Pavlova with Roasted Figs & Strawberries


PBJ Icecream Sandwich


Peanut Butter Parfait


Persian ‘Cream Tea’ with Rose Water Biscuits


Popty Ping Polenta Pudding


Queen of Rice Puddings

Photo 22-02-2013 19 45 06

Spiced Coconut Rice Pudding


Striped Meringues & Summer Cup Strawberries

White Chocolate Parfait with Raspberry Pop Shots


Yummy Yogurt Pannacotta

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