Fruit is not a Pudding – the 2018 winner

As another festive season draws to a close, it is time to commiserate with our fellow free-from diners over their disappointing afters. And I may as well cut to the chase, hadn’t I? This year there could only be one winner of the dreaded Fruit is not a Pudding gong.

Whilst many poor party-goers were once again served with lacklustre efforts at fancy venues; the usual parade of melon bookends, unripe strawberries and pears, pears, pears; just one intrepid chef had the audacity, the cheek, to dump cornflakes on some stewed fruit and call it a crumble.

The winner this year is Nikki.

I hope that she will be more than amply consoled by the prize of delicious puddings from our friends at Pudology that will be winging their way to her soon.


But, I know, you also want to see the rogues gallery of other entries, don’t you?! Strap in!

In every year of Fruit is not a Pudding we see new trends in the fruit salad world. If only the effort of thinking them up was applied to learning how to make some egg-free meringue, or remembering that crème brûlée is already gluten free without you having to do anything special!

This year, instead, chefs busied themselves with such innovations as:

Spatchcocked grapes that look like mini demogorgons,

dying their apples red,

IMG_8064 and creating heady mixes of sweet and savoury by adding what we presume is a generous drizzle of balsamic vinegar to mango.

IMG_8286 In fact, let us be kind to this noble profession, because in fact some tried so hard, they were injured in the process of plating up:

As debate continues to rage over whether sorbet should be considered fruit or pudding, another slew of entries demonstrated something of a 1970s revival in the dessert world. Fruit juice was on offer as a last course for more than one Christmas meal, and one poor vegan entrant was treated to the ‘best of tinned’ in a vegetable broth & fruit cocktail double bill whilst in hospital, because the last thing you need when poorly is some proper sustenance.


We’re delighted, of course, that everyone enjoyed joining in and making light of their disappointment; as well as this year sharing some truly good free from desserts. Wishing you a happy, and inclusive new year; here’s to better puddings in 2019!


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