Introducing The Coeliactivist

What’s this? A new name?

Why yes! After nearly a decade of blogging all things free from, it’s time for a refresh and a new brand that better reflects our blend of industry analysis, campaigns and the lesser-known matters of the coeliac, allergy and ‘free from’ sector.


This seems like a good opportunity to (re)introduce myself! I’m Carly Talbot (the blogger formerly known as Gluten Free B). I am a diagnosed coeliac and parent of two children with food allergies. With over 9 years experience of ‘free from’ life, and 13 working in the health and consumer sectors as management consultant, I like to take a slightly geeky look at the every day issues we encounter in the free from world – be they medical, dietary, or relating to the companies that manufacture products for us.

Gluten Free B has served me well, evolving from its early days from a place to share (then rare) places to eat out without gluten, through new parenthood into a very crowded free from blogosphere indeed! Now I’m claiming back my title The Coeliactivist and you can continue to rely on my blog for:

  • Well-researched, plain English articles about the world of coeliac and ‘free from’
  • Coverage of the ‘lesser known’ issues in the world of special diets including medical research, food manufacturing and marketing, informed by my professional background in marketing consultancy and the healthcare industry
  • A healthy dose of cynicism, and an open mind
  • Plenty of coeliactivism – including our annual #fruitisnotapudding campaign!

You won’t find product reviews or recipes here. Like many free-from foodies, I do love celebrating great free from food; and creating and photographing my colourful culinary inventions – but you’ll now find that over on my personal blog and Instagram feed, Facepaint & Flavour.

I’m looking forwards to sharing the next phase of free from fun with you! Do let me know what you think of the rebrand :)

Carly x


One response to “Introducing The Coeliactivist

  1. I love this Carly, I’m always envious of those who absorb the science to these things like a sponge…I only know what I think I need to know, there’s little else room for much more in my confuddled brain, sometimes I wonder how I actually made it through a day without a major f#@k up! I look forward to following your journey and hopefully absorbing a little of your geeky knowledge xxx

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