Announcing Fruit is not a Pudding 2017


I’m sure you will all join me in a chorus of “where on earth has that year gone?!”. A whole year since poor Daisy Bee went to a Christmas party, her heart full of hope and festive joy. Daisy has such happy plans for merriment, and pudding. What did she receive? A grinchy portion of brown apples, sloshed in brown apple juice. SAD. (As some might say).


That is why I am proud to announce the 4th annual Fruit is not a Pudding competition! I am once again delighted that the competition is supported by the wonderful Pudology who will be providing a prize of their delicious free from puds, as well as some other pudding-related goodies to the winner!

Pudology product shot

What is the Fruit is not a Pudding (FINAP) competition?

Darlings, only the most important annual campaign on the free from calendar! A few years ago, enraged by yet another lacklustre fruit salad at some Christmas party or other, I tipsily launched the hashtag #fruitisnotapudding; and a free from phenomenon was born! As a self-proclaimed coeliactivists and champions of the free from consumer, we at Gluten Free B believe that just because you have a special diet, you shouldn’t miss out on a decent dessert whilst those around you dig into their sticky toffee pudding or triple layered icecream sundae. Stand up and cry “no more to the same melon for starter and pudding! We deserve better!”  How else will we soak up the cheap fizz at the work do and stop from embarrassing ourselves in front of our boss?

The FINAP competition provides a big group hug to those in the free from community unlucky enough to receive a fruit salad at their festive event, and a prize to the worst that we find. It’s our way of sharing a little Christmas cheer, and raising awareness about the need for inclusion through better free from catering options. We also take the opportunity to give social media fame to those establishments who are pudding heroes and go the extra mile to be inclusive.



How do I enter?

Simply snap a picture of your fruit salad (or other below-par free from dessert) and post it on twitter, Instagram or my Facebook page with ‘#fruitisnotapudding’ between the 1st and 29th December 2017 to be in with a chance of winning.

How will you decide the winner?

Over a Christmas tipple with the B family by a roaring fire accompanied by great mirth. We usually pick the person we feel most sorry for. Judges decisions are highly subjective and always final. You can view last year’s entries here.

Who are Pudology?

Pudology New Logo PNG

I am delighted that Pudology have agreed to support this year’s competition by providing a selection of their chilled puddings to the winner! They will also be including a few other goodies including a handy cool bag so you can take your pudding with you on the move, lest someone dare proffer a sad banana in your direction.

I honestly couldn’t think of a more appropriate prize – their puddings are gluten free, dairy free, suitable for vegans and don’t contain any nut ingredients. Did I mention they are highly indulgent and delicious? Proof if it be needed that it is very possible to create a superlative ‘free from’ pudding to suit most dietary needs. The winner will be asked for their postal address which we will share with Pudology so they can deliver the prize early in the new year.

Why do you hate fruit so much?

I once had this run-in with an angry pineapple…

I believe seasonal fruit has it’s rightful place in a deliciously balanced diet, but that place is not a celebratory pudding. Unless there’s a side of cream, chocolate or at very least a good soak of alcohol to take your mind off it. Do I eat pudding every day? No. But when I do it’d better be worth it!

This competition is supported by Pudology, who have provided a prize for the winner at my cheeky request. It is not sponsored or affiliated with Pudology in any way; and all opinions are very much my own.


2 responses to “Announcing Fruit is not a Pudding 2017

  1. May the worst, most depressing pudding win. I have already ticked a box for my xmas work’s do for ‘fruit salad’ and I can’t wait!

  2. You crack me up Carly love your poses….can’t wait to see this years entries…I will not be taking part…unless I hold my own Christmas Party and suprise myself with a worthy entry….going on recent events (in the words of the late, great Freddy Mercury I’m going slightly mad) I may actually be mad enough to do this but it still won’t count!

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