More Coeliac Prescription Cuts – my thoughts

With less time to blog, I am going to trial making some short videos on issues in the coeliac world that get my goat. Here I respond to news of more cuts to gluten free prescriptions by clinical commissioning groups across the UK.

Some earlier thoughts on this topic in this blog post: If Bread Was a Tablet would the NHS Prescribe It?

3 responses to “More Coeliac Prescription Cuts – my thoughts

  1. Unfortunately it is not just us Coeliacs. It is happening to every aspect of what we thought would be the care the government/NHS/ social services would take of us. My 94 year old father with Alzheimer’s and a broken down knee replacement has just had his incontinence supplies cut to two a day, one for the day and one for the night!! No provision for accidents!! His monthly supply ran out in two weeks. I would willingly give up what little I get on prescription if it kept him in pads.

  2. Really interesting viewpoint, based on well thought out argument. Agree that a radical overhaul is necessary, and have always strongly felt that a nationally consistent means-tested system should be in place.
    Also believe that a chosen few manufacturers have been screwing the nhs on cost for years (Nutricia/Glutafin and a few others).
    It beggars belief to see the short-sighted view taken for coeliacs vs other funded areas such as obesity, where there are sometimes more elements of control that result in the condition.

    I like the videoblog format btw 😊

    • Thankyou! Appreciate the feedback. Agree some manufacturers have taken advantage of the system. Consistency across other diet-related disease areas should be a priority too.

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