I wrote a book

Somewhat shyly, I have something to tell you. I’ve written a book!

bookI didn’t set out to, it just sort of happened. I guess that adage about ‘everyone having a book in them’ is true. Luckily, mine is not an angsty semi-autobiographical novella, but a useful cookbook.

What started as a personal project to photograph some of my favourite family meals, has turned into a collection of 16 original recipes, and after lovely feedback from family and friends, I decided to make it available to download:

There’s no pet theory of nutrition, nor philosophy on provenance of ingredients inside, just things that are nice to eat; with clear labelling of major allergens.

All of the recipes are suitable for every day family meals, made with whole foods, packed with fruit and veggies (and rarely with salt or sugar) that just happen to be free from gluten and dairy.

I’m not the sort of blogger who plans to make a career out of writing or experimenting in the kitchen, this is very much a hobby for me, but I do what I do with a geeky kind of passion, so I really hope you like it.

B x

Some pictures from my book:





10 responses to “I wrote a book

  1. Well done you. I love your recipes so might have to get myself a copy too. I have a few books to write myself but never make the time. Must MAKE the time.

  2. You are fabulous!!! Here I am talking about my book and never getting it out…and you just sneak one out without anyone knowing!!! The photos are AMAZING. When is it going to be available in a format that I can read??!! I would certainly buy it if it was. You are a very clever lady and obviously have an eye for photography x

    • Aw that means a lot from you! Of course it’s not nearly as comprehensive as your forthcoming book will be – and certainly not something I will make money from!

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