Fishcraft, Eton High Street

I had been waiting Fishcraft’s opening with excitement for some months, ever since trying sister restaurant Flaming Cow (which I dubbed the most gluten-free friendly restaurant in Windsor). Could they pull the same trick twice? You betcha.

Photo 05-06-2015 13 35 56Not only does Fishcraft do gluten free fish and chips, they do it every damned day! Music for those of us who’ve missed our Friday fix, normally relegated to oil change days (eew!) at the chippy if you’re lucky. Here’s the joyful bit: all of their ‘normal’ fish batter is gluten free too, so your chances of getting contaminated are slim. Batter is made from gluten free flour, Celia lager and a touch of turmeric, and anything breaded has a separate fryer – hurrah!

But is it any cop? I’ll be honest, it’s not the thick crunchy mounds of batter of my cholesterol-laden dreams (nightmares?); but the fish was deliciously fresh, piping hot, and crisply coated. My gluten-eating husband (who normally picks most of the batter off) professed to enjoy it more than the usual kind. Yes, they’ve gourmeted it up, like at Flaming Cow, with double-cooked chips rather than floppy fries, and a half lemon in an artful muslin. The portions were perfect rather than gut-busting. There are also healthier options like steamed fish and salads on the menu and they have cider vinegar (instead of the standard barley malt) if you ask.

Photo 05-06-2015 13 16 11Chased by a couple of bottles of gluten free beer (whilst eyeing their help-yourself draft craft beer wall enviously), and followed by (joy of joys!) pudding (chocolate pudding or very creamy icecream for you and me), I couldn’t have asked for much more.

Will it do well this little bit further down the cobbles of Eton away from the tourist crowds? It was quiet when I visited but it’s early days and has the benefits of outdoor space as well as being a great place for a party, so let’s hope so.

Glutenfreeability: 9/10 (staff still a little rusty on the ingredients as it’s a new opening)

Lunch for two with beers & pudding came to just under £50. They are offering £10 off Tuesday-Thursday In June with a voucher when you ask.

Photo 05-06-2015 13 16 43

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