Coeliac Disease – What You Need To Know

agcoeliacIt seems apt, with Coeliac Awareness Week seeking to raise the profile of coeliac disease and its symptoms, to draw your attention to the updated edition of Alex Gazzola’s ‘Coeliac Disease what you need to know’; which I was kindly sent to read. (Having already bought the original version!)

The book starts with an “In the beginning of creation…” moment, briefly summarizing the origins and history of coeliac disease since Arateus of Cappadocia (I’ve been there!) first identified those poor ancients who were “irretentive of food” some 2000 years ago; and from that, perhaps you can tell, that this modest volume really is the authoritative book for those with, or looking to understand, more about coeliac disease. You will find everything here. In fact, it could well have been titled ‘what you need to know, and then some’.

For a newly diagnosed patient the amount of content could be overwhelming, but with a simple & accessible layout, with chapters and subheadings aplenty, you can ‘dip in’ to the area of interest – from getting a diagnosis (not just the NHS/Coeliac UK party line on the process) to the practicalities of shopping & eating out.

There’s plenty, too, for a hardened 6-year coeliac like myself, especially those where the self-titled ‘health journo’, Alex Gazzola, has made recent updates. He has paid meticulous attention to clarifying the new food labeling legislation and what it means for those on a gluten free diet (dare I suggest more than those that created it in the first place?!); and includes information on often overlooked and denied issues such as the emotional impact of coeliac diagnosis, those who do not receive a coeliac diagnosis but firmly believe gluten to be the issue, and those that do not seem to heal or recover on a gluten free diet.

Also of interest, is the information on FODMAPs and the future-looking end notes on potential non-dietary treatments for coeliac disease (vaccines? pills?) which I am following avidly in the press!

In short, this comprehensive guide to coeliac disease and related matters, leaves no stone unturned. It’s thorough, doesn’t over-simplify the issues, and presents some complex science in a very accessible way. I rather wish I had found it when I was first diagnosed!

You can buy this book from Amazon for a very reasonable £8.99

One response to “Coeliac Disease – What You Need To Know

  1. Thanks for this post anything Coeliac related is of interest to me as my hubby was diagnosed in December 2010 after being very ill for much of that year. I have recently gone gluten-free just because I feel so much better when I avoid it and it is soooo hard. Isn’t the new food labelling legislation a nightmare and in my opinion has made it harder rather than easier! I hadn’t come across this book before and think I may have to get it.
    Thanks again,

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