Flaming Cow, Eton High Street

Hole-free gluten-free buns, Batman!

Hole-free gluten-free buns, Batman!

I’ve often boggled at the lack of decent independent restaurants in Windsor. There’s a commuter crowd population of 30-something Clapham refugees with money to spend itching for gastro-pub grub, craft beers, and whatever the cool kids of Shoreditch were eating 2 years ago; and yet what do we have? Pizza-effing-Express.

So, Flaming Cow, a straight up gourmet burger & rib joint, must have seemed like a no-brainer to the owners. It certainly seems like a no-brainer to the locals: it’s booked solid from 5pm to closing when we arrive for ‘tea time’ with Baby A! And these guys know what they are doing.

It’s contrived spit-and-sawdust in a posh riverside premises on the even posher side of the Thames but I would have forgiven them a lot on hearing the best of David Bowie when we arrived. I didn’t need to forgive them anything else. They uttered some magic words about ‘limiting cross contamination, only gluten free flour’ and ‘anything you like, yes even the ribs’ and I was sold. Then sold again when I was allowed chips, and again when I was presented with a burger in a bun of the ‘are you sure it’s gluten free?’ variety, and yet again when I heard they serve gluten free beer. It’s as good as anything you’ll get in that London- a proper big juicy, running down your wrists, meat fest. I’ll be back for the ribs.

They’ve really thought hard here about how to open up options for a gluten free clientele, I think it’s probably the safest and best gluten free option I’ve found in Windsor & Eton. I’m delighted to hear they are opening a fish restaurant a stone’s throw away, sticky fingers crossed it’s as coeliac-friendly.

Glutenfreeability: 10/10

For more on gluten free in Windsor & Eton, visit my guide here.

Industrial chic - with added cowzilla

Industrial chic – with added cowzilla

4 responses to “Flaming Cow, Eton High Street

  1. That does sound amazing. Must as I love Pizza-effing-express it is the only place I end up going. That and Nandos. Have you tried Pure Taste in London? Totally gluten free. I promise you. Just blogged about it last week.

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