5 Gluten Free Fairtrade Favourites

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK. Since my uni days I’ve bought fairtrade goods where possible, but whereas back then it was pretty much only grotty coffee; choice has expanded dramatically to the point where it’s the default brew in most high street outlets, bananas, sugar and spices more often than not sport the little round Fairtrade mark; and it’s not just naturally gluten free products, there are even some purpose-made delicious gluten free fair trade options! These are some of my favourite:


The new Geo Bars from Traidcraft found their way into my Christmas stocking via my MIL – and what a lovely little treat! With innovative, tastier-than-they-sound, flavour combinations including cocoa and beetroot, and carrot & ginger; these are set to be a regular purchase in my household. Buy them direct from Traidcraft here. (Please be aware that not all varieties are gluten free)

mothergrain-productsI’m not quite sure why they couldn’t just call it ‘quinoa’, but Quinola (perhaps easier to pronounce?) not only produceĀ a variety of quinoa grains in all sorts of pretty colours, but also have very handy ‘express’ microwave pouches as well as baby and kid-friendly ready meals packed with veggies. Happy days! I order mine from Ocado.

timthumbThe humble ricecake is a staple of many a coeliac pantry. I like these giant, organic, unsalted ones from Kallo. Perfect for topping with almond butter and Fairtrade banana slices.

1547You don’t have to look far for a sweeter fairtrade treat, either – Dove’s Farm Gluten Free Crunch Cookies are crisp and super sweet. Lovely with a cup of Fairtrade tea, or as a base for a Fairtrade banoffee pie!

mongozoAnd finally, for beer o’clock, I love this fruity fresh Pilsner from Mongozo, and also note they now make a white beer from buckwheat! It can be quite hard to track down – I’ve been served it at Bird in Shoreditch, and The Dovetail near Farringdon.

To find out more about buying Fairtrade products, visit the Fairtrade Foundation website. What other gluten free Fairtrade products have you found?

One response to “5 Gluten Free Fairtrade Favourites

  1. I too love Dove’s cookies, the ginger and lemon ones are really good and you can get them in cafe’s often. M&S cafe usually has them by the till in the cafe. That beer is a new one for me. I’ll look out for it. More of an ale drinker myself but summer is fast approaching. Great FairTrade roundup.

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