Bread to Bread: Low Carb Loaves

Many of us coeliacs are very sceptical and a little bit precious about the growing number of ‘lifestyle’ gluten free-ers; but there’s no denying that an increasing number of people choosing a gluten free diet (often as a proxy for ‘low carb’ or ‘grain free’) has increased the amount of choice for those of us with a medical condition.

So it was I found myself with 2 new types of gluten free bread mix to try – one designed for the ‘paleo’ diet, and another aimed at carb-reducers. Would either taste like actual bread? And would I part with that much money again?!

How the loaves compared:

Ugg Foods Chia Seed & Nut Bread

£6.95 for a 455g mix. Available direct from Ugg Foods or on Amazon.

photo 2

The winner of the ‘Store Cupboard‘ category at the 2014 Free From Food Awards made me baulk a little when I saw the cost, especially when you consider you also need to add 6 eggs and vinegar to the mix, but if you look at the ingredients list you soon see why – this is packed with only nuts and seeds, and very few ‘funny’ ingredients (did cavemen really use xanthan gum?). This is simple to make, and produces a good sized, dense loaf that’s high in protein. The texture is more cake-like than bread-like, but by no means crumbly, and the taste? Wow – so, so more-ish. I put this down to the large levels of fat from all of the nuts and the satisfying crunch from the seeds. I enjoyed this plain for breakfast, as a sandwich, with soup, as toast… delicious.

Good for: grain-free people, nut lovers, pretend cavemen

Bad for: your wallet, low-fat dieters, egg allergies (although can be made with egg replacer)

Sukrin Low Carb Free From Bread Mix

£5.00 for a 210g mix. (Currently on offer at Ocado for £3.75)

photo 3Sukrin make a range of products that are low in sugar and carbohydrates, including fat-reduced nut and sesame flours. The ingredients list is a little more alien than the Ugg Loaf, but high in different sources of fibre – something many coeliacs lack, and low-fat sources of protein (including whey, unfortunately for the dairy-free). This makes it much lower in calories than a nut/seed based bread, and more comparable to a ‘normal’ loaf. I had mixed results with their cake mix, but the bread mix performs altogether better. Making it couldn’t have been any easier – a tin is provided for you, you need only add water. The thick batter/dough could be easily made into rolls or any shape you fancy. The result is a small but rich and satisfying loaf, not unlike a seeded wholemeal bread you might get from my local German baker.

Good for: can’t-cook-ers, fibre-hunters, calorie-reducers, people who miss Northern European style dark breads

Bad for: budgeters, the dairy-free, whole-foods enthusiasts


The Sukrin loaf won our challenge by a small margin. Overall it performed better against my personal nutrition goals, for ease-of-bake, and compared most favourably with ‘standard’ bread; however the Ugg Foods loaf was delicious in its own right, and would suit those following a whole-foods or high-protein diet better. Despite the high price-tag, gram for gram the Ugg loaf was the cheaper option. I was surprised to find that I would definitely buy both again!

Full Results
Ugg Foods Sukrin Standard Shop-bought Seeded GF loaf
Vital Stats Weight 455g 210g
Price (including additional ingredients) £8.25 £5.00
Price per 100g £1.81 £2.38
Nutritionals (per 100g) Calories 289kcal 157kcal 273kcal
Carbohydrates 7.6g 3.6g 35.4g
Fibre 9.6g 21.3g 6.8g
Sugar 1.4g 0g 2.8g
Protein 17.4g 8.7g 5.7g
Fat 18.9g 7.5g 10.9g
Sat Fat 2.5g 0.8g 1g
Ease of bake 9 10
Bready-ness 6 7
Nom-ability 9 8
Total Rounds Won 2 3

If you’re looking for a normal, carb-tastic, sort of gluten free bread mix, find out which the best one is here!

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  1. This is brilliant!! A really useful post. I love your research!

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