7 Really Naughty Gluten Free Breakfasts

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Breakfast is of course the most important meal of the day, and we all know we should be reaching for the low GI wholesome ‘fill you up’ type options, but you know what? Sometimes we all like a bit of sugary or fatty nonsense to make us feel that bit more like normal people, or to cure a powerful hangover. It seems that lately the gluten free manufacturers are only too happy to oblige! If you ever needed proof that gluten free does not equal healthier, here it is. I’ve included a few better for you alternatives if you really must:

Most of these get eaten straight from the box...

Most of these get eaten straight from the box…

Barkat Chocolate Pillows

If you like Nutella, you’ll love these totally more-ish little crispies with their creamy centres; especially with their slightly rude name (or perhaps it’s just me!). It’s like no cereal I’ve ever tasted – I’m usually more likely to eat handfuls of this instead of a chocolate bar – but covering them in milk and eating quickly (before they go soggy) is guaranteed to give you a bit of a buzz in the morning.

There’s not really a healthier alternative to chocolate pillows, is there? I settle for adding just a few of these to my more sensible breakfast of fibre flakes or muesli – careful for added sugar in those too.

Newburn Bakehouse Fruity Morning Muffins

See how they’ve cleverly called them ‘morning’ muffins instead of ‘breakfast’ so it’s our personal responsibility if we decide to eat what is basically cake for breakfast?! These sweet, slightly sticky little beasties are filled with plump sultanas and delicious golden syrup. Brings back drooly daydreams of the buttery golden syrup sandwiches we used to eat as children. Seriously, you wouldn’t do that to your kids now.

Sugar rush? Despite my skepticism, these Sweet Potato and Five Spice muffins from Her Gwynnie-ness are highly delicious and much more virtuous. I substitute GF oat bran for some of the GF flour

They taste a bit wrong, so why do I want 2 at a time?

They taste a bit wrong, so why do I want 2 at a time?

Udi’s Toaster Pastries

Trust those pesky Americans to bring us tempting nonsense for breakfast ;) I last ate a Pop Tart in about 1994. I don’t know what it is about coeliac that makes you crave the things you can’t have that you never would have eaten anyway (see also doughnuts, chicken nuggets). These new-on-the-market little naughties should put an end to any pangs. Just remember all those retro warnings about burning your tongue!

If it’s the heavenly combo of apple and cinnamon you crave, check out Perkier’s sugar free porridge pots; or top homemade apple compote with Greek yogurt and granola for a breakfast crumble.

A Black Farmer Sausage Batch

My classic university-era pick me up, reinvented to be gluten free. There’s something very wrong but oh-so-right about a hungover sausage sarnie. There was always a good debate on whether these were ‘batches’, ‘baps’, ‘buns’ or ‘butties’. Whatever you call them, make sure you use a floury white bread roll (my favourite for texture and surprising virtuousness is the B Free white rolls), and a thick spread of real butter. Ketchup optional.

Don’t like the lipids? Reach for Heck or Good Little Sausages, which are much less fatty alternatives.

2 of your 5 (waffles) a day

2 of your 5 (waffles) a day

Barkat Waffles

Like all of the Barkat products I’ve tried, the underwhelming packaging is hiding a product that is just like I remember. A minute or two in the toaster produces crisp, sweet waffles with syrupy notes – mmmm – heavenly. Drenched in maple syrup and a scatter of fruit is the only way to go.

There’s really no match for a naughty waffle, but bear with me. The only other breakfast that gives me the same satisfying crunch-mmm-squidge without the guilt is a slice of seeded GF toast served with grated apple mixed with a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter. Trust me, it’s really good!

Mrs Crimbles Pancakes

Any time we go out for brunch or breakfast, I get massive pancake envy. They are so easy to make gluten (and dairy) free; when I whip up a stack I make extra for the freezer – easy peasy for lunch, pudding or a treat breakfast. Try them Canadian style with this heavenly crispy maple-cured bacon from Waitrose,

Pancakes themselves aren’t so unhealthy, but if you want something a little more wholesome try Hale & Hearty’s 4 grain mix for a satisfying stack. Top with berries and yogurt for natural sweetness.

This really is stretching the definition of breakfast...

This really is stretching the definition of breakfast…

Fria Cinnamon Buns

Say it in Swedish (“Kanelbulle“) and you’re being cultured rather than a cake-monster, right?! Pastries for breakfast are normally reserved for hotel breakfasts (where you team them with a side of cold cuts, scrambled egg and cereal) or conferences; except if you’re gluten-free when you get lumped with fruit. To compensate you have my permission to keep these bad boys in your freezer and eat them for breakfast at home.

There’s really no substitute for a sticky bun, is there? I have been known to make homemade bread with cinnamon and pecans, but really – everyone needs a treat now and then…

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