It’s a general life update blog!

August has been a busy month – so I treated myself to a little blogging hiatus whilst the combined forces of a house move, big birthday, work and far too many domestic tasks took their toll. I took part in the August Break challenge over on Instagram as a mini outlet for my stream of conciousness whilst blogging took a back seat. My daily updates can be viewed below, including some gluten free creations, and you can probably also spot the other thing that has been occupying my attention lately and become increasingly hard to ignore!

So what next for gluten free b? You can tell from the pictures that whilst I still commute to the city for my day job, my little London blog is no longer London-based! We are now neighbours to her maj in Royal Windsor, and I’m looking forwards to exploring and sharing some of my local finds as we make our new home, and hopefully meet other gluten freers here.

For some time this blog has been about more than just eating out, so you can still expect to see the usual mix of half baked opinion, bread to bread challenges and general gluten free tomfoolery, now with an added suburban twist as I get to grips with such townie-confusing-phenomena as ‘bin day’, ‘commuting’ and ‘parallel parking’. I also expect some new experiences to be creeping into my conciousness when I start 12 months of leave at the end of the year :D I look forwards to sharing it with you.

Finally, a little shoutout to the soon-to-launch Gluugle, where I will be adding my all of my new finds via their iPhone app and website. I would encourage you to do the same when it launches later this month, as together we can build the ultimate directory of gluten free eating.

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