More Things I Ate on my Holiday

I don’t do travel blogs, largely because I don’t like my holidays to be completely centred around my need to eat gluten-free. Food is of course a very important part of a travel experience, but I really don’t feel I could do a guide justice without some serious effort and research, and hey, it’s a holiday!

I do, however, always pack emergency supplies when I go away, and I like to use my holidays to try new products. So like last year, here’s a little round up of the new gluten free products I tried whilst away in Cyprus. To be honest, I didn’t get through half of the things I took with me. Cypriot cuisine is full of delicious, fresh and naturally gluten free produce – I mainly ate fresh fruits (figs from the garden!), creamy yogurt, grilled meat and baked potatoes – but sometimes a girl needs a biscuit!

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Suncream? Check. A week’s supply of carbs? Check.

Perkier Foods – Red Berry Flakes
Perkier kindly express-delivered some flakes to me in time for my holiday as my local Tesco weren’t stocking them. They took up quite a lot of room in the case, but it was well worth it – especially after arriving late and hungry to an empty villa! I have been

Enjoying Perkier flakes by the pool

Enjoying Perkier flakes by the pool

looking for a long while for a breakfast that strikes the right balance between so sweet that I end up eating massive handfuls at all hours of the day, that’s not so healthily bland that it stays in the cupboard at breakfast time too. Perkier have hit the nail on the head once again – with wholesome-tasting satisfying and oat-free flakes made with buckwheat and rice, and a touch of natural sweetness from the dried red berries. These were equally delicious sprinkled on thick Greek yogurt and fruit, or with milk; and especially nice by the side of the pool! This breakfast is set to become the new staple in the B house.
Available in large branches of Tesco or online through Amazon. Also available in ‘Fruity’ flavour (apple, raisin & cranberry)
GF Nomability: 9/10

Le Pain des Fleurs – Chestnut Crispbreads
France isn’t well-known for it’s gluten free offering, but it seems that Planet Organic have crossed the channel for some new product inspiration as there are several French brands on their shelves at the moment. These crispbreads were ten times better  than the polystyrene brands I’ve found in supermarkets – incredibly light and crisp, and kept well in an open packet for a few days. The chestnut flavour was delicate, and lent itself well to a pairing with cheese, as well as a cheeky blob of Nutella with sliced banana. I look forwards to trying the other varieties.
Available in Planet Organic. Also available in buckwheat and quinoa varieties.
GF Nomability: 8/10

Nature et Cie – Sablés Coco Citron
The second French offering was these buttery little shortbreads. I loved the mini packs of 4 in the box, and the delicate flavour; but unfortunately they didn’t survive the case well, nor my packed lunch as they crumbled and broke. They are predominantly rice flour-based which gives them a bit of a dusty dry texture. There are many other products in the range including cereal and madeleines – I will give those a go instead.
Many varieties available in Planet Organic. 
GF Nomability: 5/10

Naturally gluten free treats from the Cypriot garden

Naturally gluten free treats from the Cypriot garden

Tesco – Finest Quadruple Nut Cookies
Yup, I’m adding my voice to the chorus of approval for the ‘Finest’ additions to the Tesco gluten free range (or the gluten free additions to the ‘Finest’ range depending on your point of view). I opted not to bring the far-too-more-ish chocolate versions with me to the 32° heat, but these nutty ones were an almost-as-good substitute. They haven’t skimped on the ingredients – these were buttery, rich and indulgent. They are biscuitty rather than cookie-y (I think cookies should be chewy), but very yummy; and didn’t go soft when opened.
Available in Tesco.
GF Nomability: 8/10

9 Bar – Savoury Bars
The jury’s out on these, as whilst they are the perfect solution to the endless mountains of sugary stuff (cereal bars, chocolate, sweets) that you generally end up eating when on the move, my brain just can’t understand why they don’t taste sweet! The Sweet Chilli and Cracked Black Pepper bars both have a nice little kick to them, and without the carob coating of the original 9 Bar survived the heat of my beach bag well, but I’m going to have to keep eating them until I’m convinced on the savoury cereal bar concept!
Available from Planet Organic or online.
GF Nomability: 7/10

2 responses to “More Things I Ate on my Holiday

  1. Gosh you do my diet no favours!!! Ok so I can’t blame you entirely – it’s mostly down to my weak will and shared desire to try anything new in the gluten-free world. I’m already onto the chestnut crispbreads – lovely but where’s the fun? So of the products new to me I went for the Tesco’s cookies. A very poor stock in my local store but luckily my cousin picked up the quadruple nut, stem ginger and belgian choc and the white choc and cranberry from her nearby super-mega-store. See how restrained I am? I held back on the triple choc ones! The winners for me are definitely the white choc and cranberry – they’ve got a bit of the chew factor. Thanks for the tip-off and glad you had a great gluten-free holiday.

    • They sound amazing! Couldn’t get my hands on the white chocolate ones – keeping an eye out for them!

      Thankyou for your comment :D

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