Genius – The Mini of Gluten Free?

For my piece on gluten free branding, I put a few questions to the folks at Genius about their brand and plans for 2013. They had lots of fun things to say about Genius, but were rather coy on what we will see from them this year product-wise, but it seems they are certainly going to place a greater emphasis on social media and the gluten free community! Read on to find out more…

sliced range 2

Could the team explain a little about the brand/logo & colours of Genius?

Genius wanted to hit the shelves with a bang! When designing the Genius logo, we wanted something which would appeal to potential customers and provide strong shelf stand out, which is why we opted for the bright pantone colours and clearly defined logo shape. Creating an immediate warmth and personality was also essential, the brand had to have approachability in a newly defined category – to entice and create trust.”

Genius seems to tread a fine line between the fun and the serious with its branding – was this intentional and why?

“It is very much intentional. As a brand we pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise which we offer the gluten free market; we are pioneers. However it is imperative that the brand remains approachable, warm and considerate to consumers.”

bread butter and pack 7If Genius was a celebrity, who would they be most like?

“Katherine Jenkins. She is warm, considerate and approachable with a fun sense of humour. Yet underneath her exterior lies a light, authoritative expert in her field with a voice you will never forget.”

If Genius was a musician, what genre of music would they play: 

“Folk rock, soft rock eg Jack Johnson: Friendly, comforting, easy, recognisable, suitable for any time of day.”

If Genius was a car, what would it be?

“The Mini – Approachable, exciting, fun, stylish– always reliable.”

What can we expect to see from Genius in the future?

“The past couple of months have been extremely busy here at Genius, with lots of fun and exciting activity being planned behind the scenes for 2013 – but we can’t say any more than that, we don’t want to spoil the fun!

We really value our customers and listen to their feedback, so over 2013 we’re looking actively to grow our online community. With weekly recipes and ideas, gluten-free news and views on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter we want everyone to join in the conversation.”

Well gfreeb loves a bit of Jack Johnson on a Sunday morning with scrambled eggs, so that was a great analogy! The answers from Genius got us thinking about which cars other gluten free manufacturers would be. Here’s our opinion:

  • Dietary Specials – a Volvo – reliable and safe, you see them everywhere, your dad would probably buy it :)
  • Doves Farm – a Land Rover (of course!) – works all of the time, you need to know about nuts and bolts to use it
  • Perk!er – an Audi TT – lots of fun and a little bit curvy (or at least I am after too much Popping Tiffin)
  • Estrella Daura – don’t be silly, you shouldn’t drink and drive!

I can’t wait for the launch of the first gluten free Ferrari…

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