Video Project – Your Help Needed!

Have you ever met anyone who thinks you can’t eat potatoes? It seems that funny myths about coeliac disease are rife among the gluten-eating community, so now I’m asking for your help to combat them!

I ain't afraid of no wheat

I ain’t afraid of no wheat

I’m aiming to produce a short video ‘debunking’ common myths about coeliac disease, showing people from Team GF in action – and that’s where I need your help. I would like you to send me a very short (no more than 10 seconds), video clip of yourself debunking a coeliac myth. Why not look at the Coeliac UK page on common myths for inspiration, but I’m sure you have found lots of your own – the funnier the better!

It could show you eating a giant potato, frantically cleaning your kitchen or getting your gluten-eating friends to agree that gluten free cake tastes amazing. The theme is ‘Coeliac Myth Busters’ so if you fancy getting your proton*-pack on for the video, all the better :D

I will edit together the contributions into a fun video that we can share with anyone who’s ever asked “oh gluten, that’s in milk, right?”

If you would like to take part, please email me with your myth at so I can send logistics. Contributions should be in by the end of December – hopefully you will have some time over the Christmas period to take part.

*perhaps that should be a protein pack? More Ghostbusters puns will likely follow ;)

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