Strawberry Pud, Pudology

If Gluten Free B had a motto, it would be “fructus non est mensa secundia” written in large swirly letters. Fruit is not a pudding. Whilst this particular B has nothing in particular against getting her 5 a day, she has suffered at the hands of one too many fruit salads while everyone else tucks into their trifle at conferences and on aeroplanes. Puddings aren’t hard to make gluten free:  in the past week the B kitchen has turned out Queen of Puddings, soufflé and cheesecake all with (brag) delicious consequences. Crumble is even better without the gluten! But who has the time?

If it’s not pudding time yet, why not stick your pot in a bunch of flowers for high jinks?

Step in Pudology. Recommended to me a while back by lovely Kim, Pudology have recently launched in Selfridges. Sadly, banoffee flavour was not available, so I scurried home with a precious little strawberry pot. What I had neglected to understand is that these little pots are not only gluten free, but don’t dig on moo either. Can they really pull off a pudding without cream?

The short answer is ‘yes’, hurrah! It’s sort of a cross between an upside-down crumble and a cheesecake. The strawberry topping has a delicate natural strawberry flavour, a nice creamy texture, with only a teeny hint of the oiliness I associate with vegetable fats. There was an excellent topping-to-buttery-biscuit-base ratio. (I prefer things heavy on the biscuit) and they aren’t too high on the calories either. Apart from being a little on the expensive side, they are a success! I would love to see these on the tray the next time I get my in flight meal…

GF Nomability: 8/10

If you can’t get to Selfridges, you can order Pudology from Goodness Direct at £2.49 each.

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