Burgers, Marks & Spencer

Well done, Marks & Spencer, for this is surely the way to my heart. Not avidly creating vast free from aisles with poor imitations of gluten- containing foods (although you do have a few cakily excellent products); but quietly taking the gluten out of the products that really don’t need it and, joy of joys, labelling the damn stuff clearly too!

The annual Christmas mini-sausage stock up was M&S’s first foray into gluten free; and it must have been a success because now they have firmly won their way into my affections as my BBQ provider of choice- most of their burgers and sausages are now free from the evil grains; and there are more tempting kebabs and marinaded grills besides.

2 weeks’ worth of pining for flame grilled food was solved with an excellently juicy, well seasoned Venison burger, with some cheeky (if garlicky) prawn lollipops and charred stuffed peppers on the side. We couldn’t resist picking up some steamed dim sum and grill bakes for later too. Just remember to close your eyes when you get the bill.

Top marks to Marks.

GF Nomability: 9/10

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