Viva Mais Corn Cous Cous

Koftas in a cheeky but costly little tryst with corn

Ah carbohydrate, my love-hate food group friend. How I mourned you when I went GF, how I ache with hunger when you are absent from my plate. Oh how I lambast those inconstant lovers who have carb-free flings with loneliness on their breath. But, dear carbs, I tire of the endless rice and potato. Your binary varieties have led me in search of new love- quinoa’s just not doing it for me, I need an exotic bit on the side.

So it was that I found lust with this Italian/Moroccan number online. This was no cheap date- a little rendezvous cost an eyewatering £10 when you account for postage; but I had some vouchers and needed a pick me up. And it was worth it. A hot, buttery fluffy romp which I tarted up with moist sultanas, fragrant spices and meaty thrills. The only disappointment was when I found her the next day, hard and cold to me- the lunch date sadly spoiled.

GF Nomability: 7/10 delicious, outrageously expensive, mildly disappointing leftovers.

B’s top tip for Maghreb-o-philes on a budget: whizz up a cauliflower in a food blender for your lunchtime couscoussy hit.  Recipe here.

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