Things I Ate on my Holiday

I have recently returned from a week with friends in Ibiza (woop woop). This was an unchacteristic holiday for me in every sense – I am more often found taking breaks involving extreme sports, exploration of exotic destinations, eating weird and wonderful things, trekking through jungles or camping in muddy fields with indie music. This was a week in Europe, by a pool, with a barbecue and not a lot else!

This is not a travel blog*, but I would like to share the new products I tried after a premptive trip to Whole Foods in Piccadilly for supplies. Honestly, you know you’re a coeliac when your packing ratio is equal parts food, flip-flops and fancy dress!

Granola. By a pool. The perfect breakfast! (Note: edited to hide last night’s facepaint)

Bakery on Main – Fiber Power Granola
I consider granola a ‘treat’ breakfast – usually due to the high sugar/calorie content and the cost. This one is definitely still a treat based on the cost, but it’s the first one I’ve has that doesn’t overdo the sweetness. I love the brilliant take-itself-too-seriously names like ‘fiber POWER’ and ‘EXTREME granola’. I can’t think of many things less extreme than a sprinkle of oaty goodness on your strawberry yogurt! But I’m not complaining as I think this is a great product- a nice, crunchy and satisfying texture that worked wonders in a ‘still wearing last night’s facepaint’ scenario and tasty (if sparse) berry pieces. The high level of fiber (sic) is an added bonus.
GF Nomability: 8/10 (retails at £3.89 – £4.59  or about 50p per portion on Ocado)

Biscuits. In a club. Woop woop!

Lucy’s – Maple Bliss Cookies
I don’t think these are strictly cookies, as they aren’t chewy; but they are a perfect handbag sized snack pack (yes I did take them clubbing) and one of the few free from everything (and vegan to boot) snacks that didn’t feel like something was missing from. The biscuits are very light and crisp, with a lovely rounded maple and vanilla taste- sweet without being too sickly.
GF Nomability: 8/10 (£1.20 for 5 at Goodness Direct)

More biscuits. And a Lilo.

Against the Grain – Berry Delicious Cookies
Then on the flip side you have these – which weren’t bad, but I just felt that they had gone too far in their quest to be free from everything and had lost sight of the goal along the way. Sweetening with apple juice is a novel idea, but gave these biscuits a strange acidic tang which was at odds with the warm spices. The texture didn’t survive well either- initially nice and crunchy, after a day open they softened and left an odd, dry, scratchy throat feel. The berries were nice, but in my opinion too few to warrant the moniker.
GF Nomability: 4/10 (£3.25 at Deli Divine)

Emergency sandwich. On a beach.

Dietary Specials – Fresher for Longer
This seemed like a good companion for a week long trip, but I was a little disappointed with it – by the time i came to eat it, it wasn’t so much ‘fresher’ as ‘freshish’. The flavour was pretty good, but had a bit of a ‘give it to the ducks’* texture and reminded me of the stuff you get in the free from meal on an airplane. Not too bad though, as it held together for an emergency beach sandwich that was very welcome amidst the expensive gluteny pizzas and baguettes on offer. Next time I think I’ll stick with my long term favourite – their ciabatta rolls.
GF Nomability: 5/10 (Currently only available through Morrisons or free with DS online orders)

Please note that Gluten Free B does not condone feeding gluten free bread to ducks – it’s too expensive! Don’t feed them gluter bread either – it apparently causes malnutrition. Maybe they are coeliacs too?!

*although honourable mention must go to the cultural lowpoint/hangover highlight that was the gluten-free McDonald’s – apparently available in all Spanish branches. Sin gluten, por favor!

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