Honest Burger, Brixton Village

Honest Burger doesn’t only have a great reputation among the coeliac community. It ranks high on the Young and Foodish ‘Top 10 Burgers in London’. And as Daniel Young seems to spend his life in pursuit of the perfect patty, that’s high praise indeed. I’ve tried many burgers since being diagnosed. Some good, some average. Well, mostly average. But they all have one thing in common. If you can’t eat gluten, you don’t get a bun – and it’s just not the same! The Honest Burger’s offering ticks so many of the boxes, even the bun, I thought I wouldn’t tell you what it has, but what it lacks.

Firstly it lacks gluten. Everything on the menu can come in a gluten free version, even the delicious sounding special and you can have a beer! I opted for a plain, unadulterated version, all the better to appreciate the beef. When it arrived I was pleased to see that it lacks fuss. There are toppings, yes – lovely green lettuce and deliciously sweet caramelised onions, but not so many that you can’t hold it – I’m so sick of teetering topping-heavy burgers. The burger wasn’t too big either and in fact they don’t even bring a fork, so this is definitely a finger job. Enter the bun (hurrah!). The bun didn’t have that heavy, crumby texture of too many GF rolls, but was very light. In fact, it didn’t hold together completely, but the taste and texture was excellent.

Low on ceremony, high on nom

The burger itself was neither undercooked nor overcooked arriving a nice pink colour with no slimey juices creating a sloppy mess of the bread and me. It didn’t have the pretentiousness of the proliferating lean, bland, chewy ‘gourmet’ burgers you can get in London – the flavour was the perfect half-way beefy nirvana between a filthy takeaway and a prime piece of steak. I haven’t had a burger this satisfying since the legendary Fergburger in New Zealand.

Pleasingly, there are also no hidden extras – the included chips come unpeeled, crispy and fresh, seasoned with rosemary salt. At £7.50 I’d say that’s pretty good value. As for the venue, it lacks a little space, and gets full quickly; so I’m thrilled to learn they are soon opening in Soho – meaning I won’t always have to make the trek down to Brixton for my burger-fix.

Very soon there wasn’t much left. Well done Honest, you didn’t disappoint.

Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10 – friendly waiter in a cool hat, clearly amused by my delight
GF Ability: 10/10

Poor lonely chip!

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