Orgran Corn Bread

20120721-090959.jpgI’ve never tried American corn bread before- and it always seemed a travesty to me that purveyors of fusiony brunch goodness like Caravan put wheat in theirs. The whole point of cornbread (if Wikipedia, the fountain of all knowledge is to be believed) is that is was invented in a place where wheat was too expensive to put in a dietary staple.

I’ve had mixed experiences with Orgran products (see also polystyrene crackers and no-wheat, no-fun spaghetti hoops) but was tempted by this on a cake-free pilgrimage to the shiny Mecca that is the new Whole Foods Market at Piccadilly. This is one of their better products.

20120721-091005.jpgOn licking the bowl clean of the batter I was surprised to learn that cornbread is sweet. So not only does it look like a cake, it blinking well tastes like a cake too! (albeit with a grainy, corny texture). In the same way that I was thrilled to discover gingerbread porridge (cake you can legitimately eat for breakfast) I am proud to have discovered cake I can legitimately eat for dinner. Only in America! We ate hunks of ours on top of a traditional chilli con carne (made with gluten free beer to the Phil Vickery recipe) and it not only made a nice change from rice but the sweetness complemented the spices in the chilli well. The GEH who doesn’t have a sweet tooth even polished off seconds meaning no breakfast for me this morning!

You can buy a box online for around £2 which I think is pretty good value as it will serve around 4 hungry people. On the downside it is pretty crumbly, so it’s potential for mopping things up is limited, but hunks dunked in or smothered in butter- well ain’t that somethin’!

GF nomability: 7/10

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