Giraffe Burgers & Cocktails, James Street

90% of the time I approach my CD with positivity (and cake), but on the 10% days it’s just hard work. This was a 10% day and this strange version of the chain Giraffe was a 10% restaurant- pleasant enough, you can get fed without being poisoned, but just more effort than I could be bothered with on this particular day.


A topless burger =a random assortment of unconnected ingredients that don’t make sense without a bun!

Generally with a big chain like this making a choice should at least be easy as they usually have allergen manuals, ingredients lists or special menus, but they seemed to have done away with them along with the Giraffe branding at this ‘Burgers and Cocktails’ branch. The waitress was at least friendly and helpful, and knew the kinds of things gluten was definitely in (burger buns, chips), maybe in (salad dressing) and not in (yet another salad, the burger patties) but it was another cat and mouse ordering game that resulted in a plain salad and no carbs while forbidden toasted brioches, poisoned sweet potatoes and evil nachos were wafted under my nose.

I ended up with a nice enough good-sized meaty burger, some strange mayo-less but slightly tired coleslaw, a gloop of uninteresting cottage cheese and a nice wedge of avocado. A poor cousin to the same dish at GBK where I can usually have the chips.

Certainly do-able, but not a destination. Next time I’ll go to Carluccio’s round the corner where you feel like a customer instead of a menu-defying misfit.

Food: 5/10
Service: 6/10
Glutenfreeability: 4/10

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