Love Life Free From Fruity Flapjacks, Waitrose

The amount of cake I am eating at the moment is a little bit nuts. So it was time for some with some fruit in, and besides which these are only little cakes, so a correspondingly little review is in order, and what’s not to love when the name of the product alliterates too?! I have missed flapjacks and had intended to make some, but used all my oats for breakfast. Finding these made me sigh, I’ve had so much cake, but knew I just had to have them. 3 for dinner later I’ve concluded they are a winner. Buttery, sweet, fruity and the perfect size. Bizarrely they seem to come in two layers – a flappy-jacky layer and a fruity-cakey layer. Not sure why but it makes for a nice crisply defined top and a soft, indulgent bottom. A bit like me after eating them.

GF Nomability: 8/10

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