Kanelbulle, Fria

There are plenty of glowing reviews kicking about in the blogosphere for these at the moment, so I shall make mine brief. This precisely the sort of thing I would never have eaten BC (before coeliac) but is of course precisely the sort of thing I covet now- the thing i cant usually have. (See also: white bread, puddings, fast food and anything in batter). Stodgy, heavy, sticky, sweet and to be honest precisely like a wheat containing version. Fab. Apparently cinnamon buns are a staple in Sweden so between binge-watching Borgen and binge-eating Fria products, I am fully jumping on the Scandinavian bandwagon. I’d better invest in a wider waistband- smaskig!

GF Nom-ability: 8/10


2 responses to “Kanelbulle, Fria

  1. mmm looks good! Where do you buy Fria products from as I can’t seem to find them near me? I am need of something that looks as sticky, sweet and wheat like as that!

    • Hi Maria! I’m lucky to live in London so can pop to Totally Swedish or Scandinavian Kitchen near Baker Street- I think they do online orders if you can’t get to London- but a pricey way to get a sugar fix. Fria are in discussions with various national stockists at the moment so hopefully will be available more widely then.

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