B’s top 9 products that taste just like the gluteny versions

In my early coeliac days I was determined that I wouldn’t spend my life in pursuit of the perfect bread that reminds me of old times and instead embrace all sorts of naturally gluten free delights- if not ‘knitting my own yogurt’ then at least making my snacks from scratch. After a couple of disasters with quinoa, the acquisition of a bread maker and a brief stint working abroad I started to appreciate the need for gluten free convenience products.

Sometimes I try a new product and don’t have a lot to say about it – it just tastes like the gluteny version I remember! It’s been 3 years gluten free now, so I usually employ the GEH as my control group to confirm. (“yes dear, very much like a biscuit”). I don’t feel quite like a B when I have nothing to say, so thought I’d round up my favourite products that are ‘just like the real thing’ and are regular purchases in the B household.

In no particular order the products that have me saying ‘NO. Those are MINE! Cease and desist with your snack thievery, evil gluter* I am SPECIAL’.

1. Sainsbury’s Free From Fish Fingers
GEH has been known to snaffle these even when I’m not in to make a cheeky fish finger sandwich.
2. Nairn’s Gluten Free Oatcakes
They taste like oatcakes because, well, they are oatcakes, just without the contamination. They’ve been reducing the amount of celery I eat with cheese boards since sometime last year and a suitcase full kept me sane in Singapore for a week. (GEH would like me to point out that they are not proper oatcakes as proper oatcakes are the Staffordshire kind– which I may try to make for him at some point – now there’s a test to see if he reads the blog!)
3. Salute Pasta
There are a lot of mushy pastas in the shops- Waitrose and Ocado stock my now-staple which cooks to a lovely al dente texture.
4. Trufree Custard Creams
In fact most Trufree products are pretty faithful replicas and come in handy snack packs which stop me eating too many at a time.
5. Estrella Daura
Waaaaaaah! At last a proper lager! I’ve never been a big beer drinker, but this is my favouritest friend on a Friday night with a takeaway when I can forget about being a fusspot. We’ve even fed them to guests when we’ve run out of gluter lagers with no complaints. (Although they are pretty pricey so I wouldn’t recommend it).
6. Fria Bread
I reviewed this all by itself. I’m still treating this bread a little reverentially- carefully defrosting it and handling it like I can’t quite believe it’s real, before putting too much butter on and inhaling it furtively like a contraband.
7. Dietary Specials Lasagne Sheets
Literally no difference. I usually burn my tongue on the result in the race to scoff, but have discovered that if you can wait, letting your lasagne relax a bit after cooking makes it infinitely better. If you’re too lazy to make a lasagne – try a little house.
8. Genius Mince Pies
Ok, so these only make an appearance at Christmas, but oh my- buttery (om) crumbly (nom) sweety (nom). What do you mean I ate 4?!
9. Doves Farm Fibre Flakes
Ok, there’s nothing sexy about a bowl of bran flakes, is there? – but these are a good start to the day!

Several biscuits were harmed in the making of this post.

*’gluter’ is a word stolen with pride from on-the-mark cartoon Howard the Celeriac

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