Made Without Red Velvet Cupcakes, Hummingbird Bakery

If you can lie back and think of England on the potential for cross contamination at the bakery, you have to try these cupcakes.


I may have been so eager to tuck in I forgot to take a photo

Hummingbird have been wasting my gym visits for a few months now since they opened a branch on my way back home from the Virgin Active in Islington (but I deserve that cake after 60 minutes of cardio!)

I never had a red velvet cake in BC years, so no basis for comparison, but I’m not sure you need one. These are rich, decadent, gorgeous, moist little wonders with perfect creamy tangy cream cheese icing. And they are oh so red. If I had one tip for Hummingbird (apart from please open a dedicated GF bakery) it would be use nonstick cupcake cases so I can eat every crumb.

They are expensive for a cupcake, but there’s nothing not to love, apart from the gluter snacks sharing their shelf.

GF Nom-ability:9/10 (assuming they don’t have evil crumbs on – I haven’t had a noticeable problem so far)

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