Wagamama, N1 Centre


Badly cooked noodles, rescued by GF soy sauce

I’ve been giving Wagamama the benefit of the doubt for a while now, but to be honest I think my residual goodwill is from my BC days. There are so many lovely things on the menu, but very few are for me.

Waga’s does at least feel like a safe option. The staff are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable about gluten. There is an allergy menu, but once you have deciphered the system of cross referencing the menus and numbers you ascertain that there is only one dish that requires you not to remove the dressing and any flavour along with it.

On this occasion I had a lovely, patient waitress who explained the new menu and even brought me GF soy sauce (yay!); but sadly 50% of my meal was not up to scratch- rice noodles which had been boiled within an inch of their lives until they resembled wallpaper paste in taste- ick!


Yummy prawn lollipops

Yummy prawn lollipops were Waga’s saving grace- plump, meaty, zesty and caramelised. Sadly the ‘bring it when it comes’ philosophy meant these arrived after everyone else had finished when I was already super-grumpy after the noodles.

One I would be happy to go to if friends wanted to- I know they’ll look after me; but as a foodie no longer a destination for me- sorry Waga.

Glutenfreeability 5/10
Food 5/10
Service 8/10


3 responses to “Wagamama, N1 Centre

  1. Interesting review. I’ll be honest, I used to eat a lot at Wagamama’s. Often on Saturdays out shopping with friends it always seemed the cheap and easy option. However, several glutening incidents after eating there, and now I won’t go there again. As you say there are only one or 2 dishes on the menu which require no modifications to be gluten free. In my experience at least, the kitchen don’t seem to get it right or avoid cross contamination. Those prawn lollipops do look good, though!

    • Sorry to hear you got glutened! I must admit I have always avoided the ‘wokked’ things on the menu, as I think it’s nigh on impossible to avoid cross contamination with all that soy sauce flying about…

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