Bonta D’Italia Margherita Pizza, Dietary Specials

20120520-195758.jpg I miss pizza. Those Friday nights after work when the takeaway menus are passed around and I have to spoil things for everyone else by insisting on Indian yet again make me sigh a little inside. (#firstworldproblems!). We’ve tried a few gluten free pizzas in the oven whilst everyone else is tucking into their thin and crispy with warm, elastic mozzarella; but most free from pizzas have bases that resemble stale cake in flavour, slimy salt dough biscuits in texture, with flaccid toppings that fall off and fail to satisfy.

Today I don’t miss pizza any more- we tried the new Bonta D’Italia from Dietary Specials. All you need to know about this pizza is that it is a very authentic thin and crispy pizza- with a light, crisp base; tangy and sweet tomato sauce, and the perfect amount of topping. Thumbs up too from the gluten-eating husband who is my barometer for the quality of gf food- this isn’t just the best of a bad bunch, it’s a good pizza in it’s own right.

The only thing preventing a perfect score is that the mozzarella is a little bland for my taste (a personal preference) and that for now these are only available in Asda- so I can’t buy them near me! When they hit some other stockists I will be stocking up for my Friday nights and getting creative with the toppings!

GF Nom-ability: 9/10

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