Bakewell Tarts, Costa


Well done Costa for having not one, but THREE types of gluten free snacks on offer! (chocolate brownie, fruit cake and Bakewell tarts) That said, something savoury wouldn’t go amiss and does everything really have to have so much sugar? (500 calories in one little brownie!).

I opted for the lowest calorie little tarts (they are smaller so I can have more than one, right?). It’s nice to have a non-chocolate option for a change and these tarts aren’t bad at all.

Plus points are the delicate pastry that’s not too crumbly, the nice red cherry on top and the portion size.

Minus points are the slight anaemia, chewy texture from the very thick icing and the tiny tang of artificial almond flavour.

Makes a nice change though, and I certainly welcome the variety. Soon I’m going to put the coffee shop brownies head to head in a gf brownie-off!

GF Nomability: 6