Millionaire Blondies, Waitrose Free From

20120516-181028.jpgWaitrose have recently revamped their gluten-free range, and whilst this has meant replacing some branded favourites (goodbye Salute pasta), there are some welcome additions including these sugary little indulgences:


It’s refreshing to see a caramel slice that is at one with being only gluten-free and doesn’t feel the need to miss out eggs and dairy too, and these Blondies are all the better for it. The chocolate on top is a perfect thickness, the caramel perhaps a little sweet, but smooth and not too sticky. The cake base is an unusual take on the snack and works very well- not too crumbly or dry like many gluten free bakes can be. As with many free-from alternatives the sugar content is crazy-high, but this is offset by the bite-size-ness. Well done Waitrose!

GF Nomability: 7