Itsu, Gracechurch Street

Lunch is one of the trickier meals for us coeliacs – sandwiches and pastas galore, and tempting soups with hidden stocks and thickeners. I had discarded my pre-diagnosis favourite of sushi long ago due to food warnings on everything at Yo! and Wasabi, so was thrilled to find the allergy page on Since, I have been an addict of their tasty, wholesome rice bowls (custom made without kombu) and today tried one of their sushi dishes.

I was very impressed – with the freshness of the fish, just the right amount of nose-tingling wasabi, clean sticky rice and plenty of ginger. Just make sure you throw the little soy sauce fish away! It also helps that the staff are super friendly and helpful, and seem to know about gluten without having to refer to the manager or the book. Now if only their cousins Pret a Manger were as good!

Glutenfreeability 8
Food 8
Service 8

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