Banana Tree Canteen, St. John Street

Fresh back from a trip to Canada where, delightfully, you are not treated like a fussy what-not when you ask about the gfree options on the menu, I was feeling confident enough to try an Asian restaurant. We’d walked past Banana Tree on many occasions and noted how it always seems busy – this bodes well for the food. We were seated at a waga-style shared table, but this was comfortably spaced.

Unsurprisingly there were not many options for me, but the waiter inspired confidence as he quickly identified the few things I could have, and those that could be adapted. The rest, he explained, would contain traces of gluten, no doubt from soy sauce infused woks. He also also answered my questions about the corn cakes (sadly glutened with a binding ingredient).

Food arrived rather hastily, but my lamb curry was pleasant enough. Lighter than expected, with not quite enough spice for me. The lamb itself was a little old, but that’s nothing unusual. Sticky Jasmine rice gets the thumbs up.

Overall pretty good value for money for a weekday supper, just a shame I didn’t have more choice.

Glutenfreeability 5
Food 7
Service 6