The Ambassador, Exmouth Market

We had been to the Ambassador for brunch pre-my coeliac diagnosis, so thought it worth a try for a hasty dinner after work; and on first glance I recalled that the menu is a rather pricey affair for what is a fairly standard French bistro menu.

Luckily The Ambassador accepts the Taste Card, which made the prices decidedly more palletable! The staff were casual and very friendly, giving us a choice of any table; and were sadly let down by the lack of atmosphere on a quiet wednesday night. That is of course aside from the one tipsy gentleman who was raving about how good his food was. A good sign, I hoped, on both the food and wine fronts.

Our waiter confidently assured me that my onglet steak came with chips that weren’t coated “in any sort of flour” and kindly double checked that there wasn’t a risk of cross contamination. I settled down to a lovely rich steak, a huge plate of delicious crispy skin-on french fries and a perfectly lightly-dressed salad. Simple, but effective in terms of both quality and quantity!

With a taste card a meal for 2 was immensely good value, but a little too much if you are paying full price.

Glutenfreeability 8
Food 8
Service 8