Caravan, Exmouth Market

There’s nothing not to like about the food and buzzy atmosphere of this airy reincarnation on the corner of Exmouth Market and Rosebury Avenue, one of a seemingly growing number of ‘pleasant kiwi places to have brunch’ in London. Caravan fits in well with the Guardian-reading Clerkenwell set, with a welcoming aroma of freshly roasted coffee, and sweet fresh orange juice, and a fusiony brunch menu incorporating quirky ingredients like soy mushrooms.

Sniffing excitedly at passing plates of eggs, chorizo and the occasional avocado is heady stuff after a late Saturday night, and the cheerful unprompted top ups of tap water are welcome, but this is rather carb free-pickings for a coeliac, with even the tempting corn bread and bubble and squeak off limits. The chirpy staff are at least knowledgeable and can adapt dishes to suit, but when this leaves you paying £8 for scrambled eggs with salmon (minus toast) it’s a lot of money for something that doesn’t touch the sides of a hangover.

That said, the food is of very good quality, the eggs were cooked to a perfectly creamy consistency and paired with a generous slice of pale salty salmon. I could have also had the signature dish of baked eggs with a tomato ragout, but this would certainly have demanded something bready to mop at the sauce, just like my Mr.’s slice of sourdough. Caramel porridge passed us, and some homemade muffins, and at this I conclude that Caravan may be a temptation too far for next time.

The 5 of us returned, £65 lighter for me to have a homemade piece of Genius toast.

Glutenfreeability 6
Food 8
Service 8

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