Ortega Tapas, Smithfield Market

Phoning ahead for this lunch meeting paid off, as on arrival I was given a printed sheet with options for me, unfortunately this was only a small portion of the menu, but i was grateful for the clarity.

Tapas is a slightly awkward choice for the coeliac, because i hate being territorial about my food, amidst the flying arms and sharing that this style of eating entails. I decided to order a few little dishes just for me so I didn’t have to have a menu to hand to remember which ones I could eat.

Tortilla was satisfyingly thick with finely sliced potatoes, but had a curious sweetness that I assume came from onions. I also had lentils with chorizo, which was a nice combination but a little grainy and on the watery side. The others’ food came in quick succession and was a nice colourful assortment, but this lacked vibrancy – some large frilly mushrooms and a melty-looking stuffed red pepper looked considerably more appetising than cardboardy chick peas with spinach. That said there were no complaints, and having worked in Madrid I can say it was a pretty authentic rendering of some Spanish classics.

Service was efficient, no complaints there, so a fair choice for a quick crowd-pleasing working lunch but by no means exceptional.

Glutenfreeability 6
Food 6
Service 7